Sponsor Level Up Tutorials

Pricing + What you get

We offer two types of sponsorship.

Dedicated Video Ad Read

We offer integrated and personal video ad reads that will have an opportunity to reach our 350,000 subscribers.

Single Video — $700 USD
3+ Video — $600 USD
10+ Video — $500 USD

This includes:

A evergreen listing on leveluptutorials.com post page for all of your current offers. This is a great opportunity to list a coupon code or unique link you'd like viewers to click on.

A long form ad read before at the start of each video. We have found that having Scott talk about the product or service and their experience with it gives it an added personal touch and converts better for the advertiser.

Newsletter Spot in Level Up Links

We also offer ad spots in our "Level Up Links" newsletter that goes out once a week. This newsletter is widely popular and offers links to 5 new projects and apps that we find to be interesting. This newsletter reaches +17,000 dedicated readers.

Put your company at the top of this list today!

Single Link — $500 USD
3+ Link — $400 USD
10+ Link — $300 USD