Why We Love Online Coding Tutorials

Sep 23, 2022

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6 reasons why we love online coding tutorials and think you will too

There are pros and cons to all educational options for web development. College is expensive and takes a ton of time, but you gain well rounded experience and access to many resources. Bootcamps are also pretty expensive and surface level, but they’re modern and quick. Online coding classes lack guidance and support, but are inexpensive, quick, up to date and specialized.

Actually let’s dig deeper into all the pros of learning to code via online tutorials and courses because there are so many.

  1. Saves you money

The internet tells me that the average price of a college course is $2,355 and the price of formal coding classes, such as Bootcamps, can cost upwards of $40,000 for a few month.

You can learn a whole new technology with us for $50 or less.

Or we can look at opportunity cost. Imagine the amount of time you might waste trying to stumble through teaching yourself a new skill without any direction. Idk you choose.

  1. Saves you precious time

Most online coding courses are no bs and straight to the point, saving your hours, maybe even weeks, of effort.

Here at Level Up, our authors do the heavy lifting for you. They learn the skills through any means necessary. Including tireless research, reading super interesting documentation, trial and error, stumbling through blindly or possibly they’ve learned the skills through years of committed professional application and usage of the technology.

No matter the means, they spent the time, energy and money (add: blood, sweat and tears) to learn everything, so they’re able to put it in a tidy little package for you and called a course. All this energy just so you can eat it up in a handful of hours, equipping you with everything you need to properly master the new skill.

On average, our courses are x hours and take our students x hours on to complete. :)

  1. They give you the freedom to learn when & where you want

A major perk of doing online coding classes is that you’re not tethered to a timeline or a place.

Binge the course in one afternoon or a month or over the span of a year.

Take the course from your couch or the beach or the toilet.

Fit in a little studying at 6 am, on your lunch break or the middle of the night.

Do it how you want, we don’t care.

  1. You get the latest, greatest and hottest tech

It can take colleges years adjust their curriculum due navigating the university bureaucracy (see: colleges still teaching outdated applications and versions of COBOL, Java, PHP, etc.). The rapidly changing world of technology needs an education option to match.

Say a new tool/tech/language/method/best practice is released... We can have a full blown course out on it within a couple weeks. You choose what sounds better.

  1. The unmatched value of learn from real world professionals

Often times, the authors of online tutorials use the tech themselves. They’ve spent many hours working with these technologies, allowing them to create well-organized explanations, giving order and context.

IDK 'bout you, but I'd rather learn from someone who uses the skills often, who can fill me in on the important stuff, tips and tricks, and need-to-knows, while leaving out the fluff.

**6) ### You get to choose what you want to learn ###

Coding tutorials are typically shorter and more focused, therefore you get to choose the exact topics you want to learn. This makes them an amazing tool to supplement your learnings, stay fresh and on top of the latest and greatest in tech.

The list goes on, but we'll stop here for now. :)

And finally ... Level Up Tutorials is all about keeping you well-rounded and competitive in your career, without making you work too hard.