Setting 2022 Goals at Any Coding Level

Jan 21, 2022

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Having a hard time setting some goals for yourself in 2022? We can help with that. Here you’ll find Scott Tolinski (ST) and Wes Bos’ (WB) recommendations for what you could focus on this year depending on where you are in your coding journey. Take what resonates with you, leave the rest. Hope this helps.


Code Skill Goals

ST: Knowing and understanding semantic HTML elements: how and when to use them. Semantics in HTML

WB: Data in JavaScript: be able to take data and make it look how you want it to in JavaScript

Maps - Beginner JavaScript - Wes Bos

Looping and Iterating - Reduce - Beginner JavaScript - Wes Bos

Bonus: Ask questions! Ask for feedback!

Soft Skill Goals

ST: Get practice working with issues and technical work flow: be able to find and report issues efficiently and effectively. reduce the noise, don’t add to it.

WB: Get good at emailing people:

  • be concise
  • ask for what you want, don’t waste their time
  • if you’re asking for things, number them
  • if you’re telling people things, bullet them
  • bold what’s important
  • make it skimmable

Random Fun Mix Bag Anything Goes Skill Goals

ST: Dive into interface animations.

WB: Make a full stack contact form in a framework.


Code Skill Goals

ST: CSS variables: theme-able complex UIs with CSS variables is going to be more in demand.

Getting Started | Modern CSS Design Systems (

WB: Server-side coding fundamentals: A lot of our apps are beginning to blur the lines between front end and server side, get comfortable with both.

Soft Skill Goals

ST: Get good at meetings:

  • don't be a jerk
  • learn how to talk to people
  • focus on the results
  • don’t talk down to nontechnical people
  • prepare and present yourself well, doesn’t take a lot to look put together

WB: Learn how to organize a repo.

Random Fun Mix Bag Anything Goes Skill Goals

ST: Make something animated with JavaScript. Getting Started | Animating Svelte (

WB: Write a bot.


Code Skill Goals

ST: Write continuous integration/deployment actions and tools:

  • take away the busy work
  • reviews
  • reformatting
  • finding bugs

WB: Advanced typescript:

  • learn dynamic types
  • third party modules
  • extend existing types

Soft Skill Goals

ST: Challenge yourself by teaching at your company:

  • doesn’t have to be a big deal, small informal i.e. lunch and learns
  • “hey want to take 20 mins today and I’ll teach you something”

WB: Speak at a conferences or meetups.

Random Fun Mix Bag Anything Goes Skill Goals

ST: Make something 3D. Intro To React 3D | React 3D (

WB: Scrape and write something to collect data and display it.

Listen to Scott & Wes chat about this topic here.