Q&A With Scott Tolinski on new course- Monorepos with pnpm

Sep 12, 2022

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This month we released a fresh course covering Monorepos with pnpm made by Scott Tolinski!

In this course he'll mentor us through building confidence with monorepo workflows and new tools, and build faster and more efficient workflows.

We did a little Q&A with Scott, the author. Dig in!

Q: What is pnpm?

A: pnpm (performant npm) is an alternative to npm for managing JavaScript packages.

Q: Why use pnpm instead of npm?


  • It’s faster
  • It has more features
  • pnpm saves disk space
  • pnpm makes monorepos EASY

Q: Why did you create this course?

A: [I thought] here’s the thing that people aren’t talking about enough and aren’t using enough, and that people might not know exists. Here’s a technique that I, myself, have used in production in a large environment.

Q: What’s your experience with monorepos and pnpm?

A: I’ve been using this monorepo set up for a little while and I’m just shocked a lot of people aren’t using it because it’s so nice and easy. I wanted to bring awareness that this stuff is really accessible. It's a tool that I utilize every single day in my code base and have nothing but great things to say about it.

Q: What approach did you take to building this course out?

A: Together we’ll take it one step at a time, understand why we need the tools, what they are, and then understand how to create the base project so we’re able to orchestrate things in our day to day.

Q: What will folks be learning and building in this course?

A: We'll cover foundational knowledge of how monorepos function, and why. Organization and orchestration of getting a monorepo up and running using pnpm.

Upon completing this course, you’ll feel that you have the ability/control to do everything you already do in npm daily in pnpm with confidence and ease. In addition to general benefits of knowing these tools and gaining real world experience in a monorepo.

Q: What makes monorepos and pnpm extra special?

A: When you get into managing all this stuff, man it’s not easy. So when you have a tool like this that gets it out of the way and makes it that easy with just a little config. It’s amazing!

Take the course: https://leveluptutorials.com/tutorials/monorepos-with-pnpm