Level Up Links - Shoelace x Gilbert Adair x Awesome Standalones x What is Astro x Wasp

Nov 10, 2021

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Scott Tolinski

I come across a lot of cool things in my day to day through talking to interesting people, reading intriguing articles, skimming Reddit and scrolling through Twitter. Each week I share some of the best things I found that I think you would also find interesting. Sign up for our newsletter to get these delivered right to your inbox every Friday.

1. [CODE] Shoelace

A forward-thinking library of web components.

2. [VIDEO] Dark Transcreation and graphic design in the afterlife

This video oversimplifies and conflates ideas from Gilbert Adair’s ’The Death of the Author’ and contemporary marketing practices, and applies them to a reductive reading of European graphic design history.

3. [CODE] Awesome Standalones

A curated list of awesome framework-agnostic standalone web components

4. [VIDEO] What is Astro

Astro is an amazing platform that will allow you to build the fastest, smallest sites that ship the least amount of JavaScript. Learn all about it.

5. [CODE] Wasp

Wasm programming language