How To Read and Write Files In Deno

Nov 18, 2020

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Scott Tolinski

This post will show you how to read a file in Deno as well as how to write a file in Deno.

Reading Files In Deno

Reading files in Deno can be very easy, especially if all you need to do is access the contents as a string. Because we have "top level await" or the ability to await in the root of a file, we just need to await a Deno.readTextFile. Check it out. Where "filename" is a string path to a file.

const filename = "./text.txt";
const file = await Deno.readTextFile(filename)

Now when we run our our file, we need to make sure we use deno --allowRead yourFile.ts

Writing Files in Deno

Writing text files in Deno is also a one liner.

const stringToBeWritten = "Hello from fileName.txt"
const file = await Deno.writeTextFile("fileName.txt", stringToBeWritten)

This time we need to make sure you're using deno --allowWrite yourFile.ts